We’re Having So Much Fun We Can’t Stand It.

Some beach photos.
Wish you were here.
(Don’t ya)

It’s either a boat party, or a sinking vessel.

Our highly trained beach patrol.

Ouch! Was it a crab, or a shark?

We got muscles, yes we do. We got muscles, how about you!
Here are some photos from our pizza party at the beach two days ago.

Cool feet and hot pizza. Yay.

Michael had a seat at the pizza table.
When Michael’s happy, everyone’s happy.

This morning we had guest instructors.
Joanne soothed us with yoga, Alison showed us how to make dreamcatchers, and Andy led the the highly competitive soccer scrimmages.

Our sport today was soccer and we socked it to ’em.
Lots of enthusiasm and no injuries.
We like it that way.

Oh Look! Brie’s Back.

Caitlin’s daughter Susanna is ready to sub in.

Dumbledore and company visited us during lunch to warn us about the ghost tour tonight.
They gave us some wands to protect ourselves from unfriendly spirits.
They worked, and we got to the Vineyard Sound concert safely and ON TIME!

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