Another day of non-stop fun

Today we had horseback riding, crafts, baseball, pizza on the beach,
and then we went to watch the Sharks play baseball!!
( We got junk food and free t-shirts, too.) A great day.

Elaine was our guest artist and she did a collage (not college) activity.
Thanks Elaine. Come back again.
We love art class. (Well, I do)

We raced to the beach (well, sort of) and had pizza.
Then baseball. Martha’s Vineyard has its own team.
Go Sharks! Beat the other guys!
And they did.

Annie, Peter and Drew model their CLEAN white shirts.

Peter threw out the first pitch.

Hey, where are the posters we made today?

John and Kate competed in the Dizzy Bat Race.
Guess who won?

Pretty artsy, Patty.

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