The moment you’ve been waiting for all year!

These fancifully-hatted counselors are waiting with baited breath to welcome campers to their first day of camp.

Here comes the boat!

Gracie and Stacy look happy to be here!

Craigger is often pretending to shoot people, but right now he’s just smiling.

Welcome, Darcie and Sloaney-Baloney!

Robbie’s here, to teach us about firefighters!

You can’t travel light when you’re coming to Camp Jabberwocky.

In the afternoon we went to the beach for a cookout and a drumming concert.
And Justin helped carry towels. Thanks, Justin!
Michael “Harry” Harrison showed his photo album of an awards ceremony to his awesome new counselor Kate. . . and about a hundred other people. Gracias, Harry!

What a great counselor Brie is. She’s making sure Hannah won’t get sunburned legs.
At least I think that’s what she’s doing.
Maybe she’s brushing up on her alligator wrestling skills.
You never know with Brie.
Josh knows how to relax with a cup of coffee!

Some of the Gyre & Gimble crew! They look good in blue!

Kip usually floats in a boat, but this year he tried something new. Looks like he wasn’t sure yet what he thinks.
Blue is your color, too, Kippy!

The men grill the burgers.

Peter and Gracie dance to. . .

. . .Rick and his drumming band. They sounded great!

Hmm, Cy also looks snazzy in blue.

Jeremiah and Zoe are bandanna twins.

Peter and Brie do the Bump.
Tune in tomorrow for more Camp Jabberwocky adventures.
If you didn’t see a picture of YOUR camper,
don’t worry.
It just means that
we chained them up and threw them into shark-infested waters.
They’re having a great time.

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