Studio Night Saturday!

Tonight was studio night!  Campers and counselors worked all day preparing skits, dances, songs etc.  Everyone did a great job! 
Sierra did some magic!
 Arthur and Sean did a seductive Axe commercial.

 Michaela lead her cabin in some country music

 Marie and her new camp friends signed Old McDonald for the crowd tonight.  It was really awesome!!

 Myles serenaded all the camp ladies with “My Mustache Brings all the Girls to the Yard”

 Some of the Tulgywood ladies told jokes!
 Sharon took “Stand-up” comedy VERY seriously 🙂
 Jo dazzled the crowd with some of her opera singing!
Stefanie signed “Forget You” for us to top off the evening.
We also got to the beach today!  Thanks sun for finally showing up!!  Stick around please!!

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