Camp Jabberwocky 2011 Begins!!

Camp Jabberwocky is finally complete!  Counselors got on an early boat to meet campers in Woods Hole. 

 Everyone was excited for Camp to finally begin.  Dave couldn’t even think straight.

Amulya couldn’t stop smiling thinking about being reunited once again!

 Welcome home everyone.  The island isn’t the same without camp!!!

 Everyone waiting for the boat in Woods Hole!!  It’s not even possible to describe how amazing the feeling is when you get to experience this moment 🙂

 Lunch time at Jabberwocky!  Our lunch makers make delightful sandwiches!

 Anxiously awaiting beach time!  We went!  I just forgot my camera… I’ll get better I promise!!

 Hanging out on the main porch

Awesome first day at camp!  Great weather and great company.  Couldn’t ask for anything better!!


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