coffee cake sale fundraiser!

Here is some information about the coffee cake fundraiser that is GOING ON NOW to benefit camp jabberwocky.

If anyone wants to buy coffee cakes to support Camp Jabberwocky,
please e-mail me at with what flavor you want
and how many by DECEMBER 8TH. They are $12 dollars each and make great
holiday gifts!

The flavors are:
Sour Cream & Cinnamon (faith’s personal note:  VERY delicious.  this is the top seller, and one of my
Chocolate Ecstasy (faith’s personal note:  Also VERY delicious.  especially good for the chocoholics
          on your holiday gift list.
Cranberry Cream
Lotsa Lemon (faith’s personal note:  my favorite)
Pumpkin Cream

Faith’s notes:  i have not had cranberry or pumpkin cream coffee cakes, but have heard rave reviews.  and what good holiday flavors!

These coffee cakes freeze really well, and are also easy to slice.  Great for holiday parties coming up, or to give as gifts.

Bon Apetit!

and jabberwocky love,


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