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Hello folks

As you may or may not know, Dr. Steve is leaving for Haiti in a few days.  I am not sure of the actual date, but i know that it will be soon.  He will be gone for 3 months.  Here is a bit about his trip that he wrote in an email:


 I am going [to Haiti]as a “Durant Fellow.” Dr. Durant was a Camp Jabberwocky kind
of guy, an MGH doctor who went around the world wearing a Red Sox hat whenever
there was some kind of disaster and organizing rugby games with the local people
during his off hours…Dr. Durant passed away, but the MGH “Refugee Medicine”
department was established in his honor and there are MGH nurses and docs all
over the world at any given time.

My role will be to see patients and to work with the Haitian Health Ministry to
try to help them develop a better system of primary care (currently there is
none) and better primary care training for Haitian nurses and doctors.

Of course, I will try to channel as much of Camp as I can while I’m there.

Dr. Steve will continue to have email access while he is in Haiti, and  would love to hear from people now and then.  I don’t know how quickly he would be able to respond, but, just to know he’s being thought of…

Safe travel, Dr. Steve!  We love you.

Jabberwocky love,


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