Baby Shower

As most of you know, our dear Kristen “Sully” St. Amour is expecting a baby girl in approximately 2 months.  So a group of July counselors (headed by Maggie Raemer) threw her a surprise shower. 

I was not present, so i don’t know a lot of the details.  I don’t even know if Sully was surprised.  But as Maggie reports, “everyone had a good time.”  According to Maggie, they even played a game where they had to “eat poop out of diapers.”  Don’t worry, by “poop” she REALLY means melted chocolate!

I’m not sure i’ll be eating ANYTHING out of diapers any time soon, but i’m glad everyone had fun.

We love you, Sully and Jay!  Have a happy, healthy baby!

Jabberwocky love,


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