And What a Race It Was.

Well, we were treated to an incredible fireworks
display in Oak Bluffs last night.
(Might have been upgraded since we have a
special family on the Vineyard.)
Besides the displays that lit up the sky
and the booms that jolted our eardrums,
we were pelted with ash and a few flaming bits
that dropped into the crowd
and caused some angst and melted attire.
Quite a unique night.

And then, we were awakened at 6:15 this morning to get ready to go
to the Race for Jabberwocky.
And we went.
And many of us ran.
These counselors rock.

There were volunteers everywhere, and they looked quite efficient.

And there was free entertainment.

Tulgy Wood looks stylish yet fearsome.

Ready for action.

Brie, our own energizer bunny, inspires the racers.

The walkers take off.

Team Inspiration!

Chris has the button to start the race.

Annie’s a bit nervous.
Oh well, he only has to wait FIVE minutes.

Ben with a bullhorn.

Hey, I know those guys!

And they’re off!

And we’re off.

There were some unplanned racers joining the fun.
Which meant unprepared counselors.(Check out Laura’s flip flops)

Another racing team

Kyle smiles as Tony sweats. Almost there.

Here comes the Tulgy Wood Frat, still running.

Hudson and Adam navigate the ruts and bumps with style.

Emmy got rides from 3 counselors – teamwork!

Nora with the “in case” chair. Nice job, ladies.

A job well done.

Thanks to all the race volunteers.


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