Sunny Sunny Saturday!

First off, I just want to say that I am a guest blogger because Judy wasn’t feeling well. That’s why the pictures and everything aren’t as evenly spaced as usual. Sorry guys.

Today was another fun-filled day here in beautiful Martha’s Vineyard. We started the morning with awesomely awesome activities: a print-making class, and a quick but aggressive game of handball, and… what we’ve all been waiting for… … …………. THE DENTISTS!

He shoots, he scores!

The yellow team works together to defeat the reds. Nice pass Sammy and Andrew!

The counselors love to play too!

Gary Grove with the shot to tie the game!

Athena and Amy take it easy on our new state-of-the-art porch outside the crafts cabin.

Heather stops to pose for a shot as she draws a picture.

Thanks Harvard Dentists! It was fun! We all learned a lot AND got new toothbrushes.

Cy, Gary, Kyle, Andrew Z., Emmy, and Grace practice brushing teeth on the dino.

Dentists are cool! See you next summer, and we promise our pearly whites will be even pearly whiter!

Then, of course, we hit the beach.

This time we brought a kayak with us.

Skipper Brooks relaxes to some music underneath the shade of an umbrella. What a guy.

Here. What’s this? Sand. Ew!

Katie Z. finally showed up! She’s Tori’s counselor now.

Kirk and Brie went for a sail.

Fogey went in the water … TWO TIMES!

Lookin good, Peter!

Ooh Gary!

To top off a near perfect day, the island’s premier acapella group, The Vineyard Sound, came to camp to give us an intimate acoustic performance. They even did an encore! ZOMBIE JAMBOREE!!!!

Last but not least, a small but energetic group of us went to participate in America’s greatest pastime… Baseball!

J.Lo in the batter’s box.

Kirk at the plate. Swing batter batter SWING!

Patty turned out to be a great hitter… even better than her brother Big Jack.


For all the parents out there– your children love and miss you but are having the time of their lives here at camp! See ya soon!


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