Changeover Day

Today was change over day, so a lot of us were running around, unpacking, and getting ready for the beach, while some of us got a nice afternoon to relax.

We also had to say goodbye to some of our good friends.
We already miss you Kerkira and Sinclair, and we will see you next year.

Here you can see a picture of our legendary back of the bus loading method,
known worldwide for its efficiency.

Here are some photos from the Flying Horses we visited last night. We call them “The Dobbies”.(Don’t know why, maybe it’s something to google)

Emmy specifically requested the prettiest horse. I feel that it looked a little fake.

There was also room on the carousal for those of us
who preferred the carriage to the horse.

Nora made sure Kip didn’t get bucked off.

Today is Chris’ birthday. He is either 24 or 42.(or…)
Happy Birthday. He did get cake on the beach at the bbq with no sand, just sprinkles.

Somehow the magic of the dobbies always is able to bring out the brightest smiles in all of us.

Drew shows off his excellent dental hygiene.

Tessa is focused on the prize.

Despite massive cheating by certain male counselors,
(you know who you are),
the blogger was able to get the “real” brass ring TWO times. (Ha!)


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