It’s two blog Sunday!

So, since we had a few hundred photos of the play, I thought you might like to see a few more. Read the blog before this to see today’s photos.

So, what was the play about, you ask?
Well, it was something about princesses with cell phones being captured
and various guys trying to figure out how to rescue them.
Some of them were Star Wars guys, and some were …..?
There was a party at Steve Erkle’s house.

Luke Skywalker made a valiant effort not only to try to figure out his lines, why Jeremy kept beeping, and how he wound up on the Jerry Springer show with long lost family members.
You had to be there.
You should have been.
It was unique. It was hilarious.
It was Camp Jabberwocky at its best.

Kristen, the wicked wolf of the lights.

Waiting for the fun to begin.

One of the Bad Guys.

What? You can’t take away our cell phones!

They could have danced all night…

These seem like friendly Storm Troopers.

The stars of the galaxy which is far, far, far,……away.

Not sure what to say here.
Open for suggestions.

Luke Skywalker and his sidekick Sam discuss the problems they have
rescuing the princesses and remembering their lines.

There were surprising moves at the dance party.

Prince Charming, Elvis, and Steve Erkle join in the effort to rescue the princesses.
who got tired of waiting for help and rescued themselves.

A surprise proposal to Princess Leia from her brother Luke Skywalker
on The Jerry Springer Show was a new twist (unscripted)
and a great way to end a show on dysfunctional families.


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