Sunday, Sunday. (but really Sat. night)

Today, we are off to Dairy Queen and the beach. Can’t have too much ice cream.
(or sand in your bathing suits)

Here are some photos from Saturday’s Studio Night. As you can see, we are very talented

Our emcees Ben and Brent entertained us with sidesplitting humor.

G & G started us off with an original song. Their attire was pretty original too.

Tulgy Wood staged a Jeremy Long fashion show.

The Dancing Queens.

Craig and the Jub Jub men rescued a “fair maiden” from a scary Werewolf.

Sgt. R. Devlin arrested some sketchy-looking counselors.

Dominic entertained us as only he can.

We had Michael Jackson, but no Elvis.

Gotta have some Greased Lightning!

Brie hosted a whipped cream eating contest which looked nummy.
Grace won the contest,

But Hannah enjoyed it the most.

Well, maybe not.


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