The Results Are In!

The polls for the first Jabberwocky vote have closed officially as of last night, and the results are in!

In answer to “What was your favorite Jabberwocky 2009 activity?”. the findings are as follows:

The Play -33%
JWO & Mandy’s Wedding -25%
The Parade – 25%
The Prom – 17%
Something Else Entirely – 0%

I realize that some people were only at Camp for one half of the month or another, and not everyone was able to participate in all the activities listed. I tried to make it fair however, but putting two choices from each half up for vote, and of course the option to vote for something not listed…

Thanks to those who voted! 🙂

Keep your eyes open for new polls. I’m going to try to keep things fresh! And don’t forget to vote… it makes the results more interesting!

This poll, btw, got more responses than any other i have done throughout the life of this blog. I’m really happy about that. 🙂 Keep it going…!

Jabberwocky love,


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