A Dreadful Tuesday

This morning, most of camp woke up and headed out for breakfast on the beach while a smaller group went horseback riding. Since we have more than enough pictures of Jabberwocky at the beach, I handed the camera to a colleague and asked him to take pictures of the horseback riding group.
Here are Amanda and Bobby showing good form.

Kevin really enjoys spending time with horses.

After riding, the group got to look around the barn. What a treat!

After breakfast and horseback riding, we had a quick, but entirely too hot, play practice. Things are coming together A-maze-ingly well.

We finished off the night with a special concert by the Grateful Dread, a cover band that takes Grateful Dead songs and puts a reggae spin on them.

We don’t just sit and enjoy concerts at camp, we get up and dance.

Sammy shows off his air guitar skills.

After the concert we had a short game night.

Others choose to take a quick shower and shave before bed.


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