Sunday Funday

This morning, we slept in and took it easy. Some of us went to Grace Church for singing and delicious refreshments, some of us went to town, and the rest of us stayed back to prepare for the play.

Brandon, Andrew, and Adam skipped out on play prep to play some Monopoly. Collect $200 when you pass Go!

Athena and Tory spent a lazy Sunday morning relaxing in the hammock.

Later on, we headed over to the Leaird’s for a cookout and some field games!
Hanging out with friends is always a favorite activity.

Sammy & Sam

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, and Andrew

The judges and race organizers, Bobby and Carina.

Chris M. teams up with Brook and Haley for a heated wheelbarrow race.

Wheelbarrow race, wheelchair edition.

We had a blindfold race, but most people chose to wear the blindfolds ninja style instead of over their eyes. Good choice.

After all the races we had an award ceremony… and everyone is a winner at Camp Jabberwocky! Adam won the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” Award for eating the most delicious looking cheeseburger. YUM!

Thank you so much to our generous hosts! We had a blast as always.

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