The Labyrinth

Today was filled to the brim with preparations for our upcoming play. This morning we had three activities, play practice, pottery and painting.

Daniel is clearly an expert with the rolling pin.

Becca is pictured here making a crab, which made her late for play practice.

The boys have fun painting green hedges for the play.

Andrew got a little out of control.

Here is Emeline, showing us the versatility of her magnificent cap.

After lunch we had a rest period, where some of us wrote post cards to home, others played games and well…

… Some of us rested.

We then watched the movie, The Labyrinth, with David Bowie, on which our play is loosely based.

After the play, we took a trip to the Dobbies, where everyone had fun trying to grab that brass ring.

Kyle won us all a free ride with his ring-grabbing skills and Gary was more than happy to congratulate him.

After riding on the Dobbies, we had a play practice where we figured out blocking for our actual show. It was a little painful, but everyone was patient and we got through it. After everyone had more than their fill of the play, we all headed to bed thankful for the break from the show.

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