Lest i forget…. another celebration…

Today is Groundhog’s Day.

Puxatawnee Phil – the weather-predicting groundhog (made even more famous by the movie celebrating this holiday) – did see his shadow today. According to legend, this means 6 more weeks of winter.

HOWEVER… Massachusetts is trying to get it’s own “official” groundhog to do the forecasting on Groundhog’s day (really, they’re trying to pass a bill and everything! it’s been on the news all day!). And “Miss G.” did not see her shadow this morning. This means Spring is right around the bend.

By the way, trendsetters that we are, if Miss G. gets approved to become our state groundhog here in Massachusetts, she will be the first female state groundhog in history! 🙂 Go figure!

Looks like it’s a Groundhog’s “battle of the sexes” folks! Who will win?!

Only time will tell… 🙂


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