Jordan’s First Snow

Hey folks

i told you that some Jabberwockians were writing about things that happened over their winter breaks and such. Here is the first of those entries.

Thanks, Jordan!


I took a trip to Massachussetts in December to visit as many campers and counselors as I could in four days. But instead Mother Nature blasted my face with the coldest weather I’ve ever encountered (don’t laugh, I know all you New Englanders can handle much worse). But I’ve lived in Florida all my life. Born and raised in the sweltering heat of Jacksonville. The weather can be almost unbearable, but just when I think I’m about to reach melting point, a storm comes and soaks me to the bone. This is obviously the kind of weather I’m used to, so when I looked at the weather report for Massachussetts last December, I was more than frightened to enter that environment.

But I just couldn’t wait and entire year to see my Jabberwocky friends! So I packed my warmest clothes (mind you, Florida doesn’t make warm clothes) and boarded my plane headed for the northeast. I guess it didn’t get THAT cold, it was only 18 degrees or so. But for a person who lives in shorts and flip flops for most of the winter, this was pretty bad.

I stayed in Sudbury, and had the lovely choice of sleeping either at Peter’s house or Amy and Kyle’s house. I chose to sleep at both. My hopes were to tour the northeast making pit stops at as many friends’ houses as possible, but alas, we got snowed in. Had I shown up a week earlier, I would’ve seen everyone at MB’s Christmas party, but school wouldn’t allow me to do that.

So before the storm, Peter, Kyle, Mara and I decided to get a move on and visit some people.

We drove up to Nancy Connelly’s house and hung around there for a while. She was staying with her parents at the time because her place was out of power from earlier storms. It was so nice to see Nancy, I’m really glad we got to hang out and talk for a while. Her parent’s house was decked out in Christmas decorations, and we looked at tons of photos of Nancy with family and friends. And we also go to stuff our faces with Chex mix!

From there, we drove up to Jason’s house, where he greeted us at the door. We soon left to go to a pizza place for dinner, which was quite delicious! Then we went back to his house and danced to country music for a while before heading home.

The next day we were snowed in. Stefanie was staying with Sully for the weekend, and I was hoping to make it up there to see them, but the weather wouldn’t allow.

Even though I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to, it was a much needed break from my life in Jacksonville. Its hard being so far away from the Jabberwockians! And I quickly got over my fear of snow and enjoyed every minute of the cold cold weather. It almost seemed like I wasn’t supposed to leave, because I missed my flight home because of weather, and then I missed it again the next day! That caused a little bit of stress and after spending 24 hours in an airport, I was certainly glad to be back home.

All in all, I had a wonderful trip and I’m really glad I got to see the people I did. Waiting a whole year would be just too much, and now I’m more excited than ever for this summer!



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