First Post 2009 from your long-lost blogger friend.

Hello and Happy New Year to my fellow Jabberwocky family and friends!

To say that i have had a difficult Autumn through New Year’s would be an understatement bigger than a Jabberwock itself. Hence my absence here, for which i apologize greatly.

But this is a new year, and one of my ’09 resolutions is to now faithfully update the happenings in and around our family.

So here we go. Another year of adventure is on tap.

I know that several people have had holiday parties or gone on wonderful trips. These people are even now writing up their adventures, to be posted here as they are received. Please keep yourself on the lookout. They shall be up in the near future.

Depending on where you are, winter has HIT and hit hard. As i sit here and write this tonight, in my little apartment south of boston, i am in the midst of yet another snowstorm that promises to deliver 7-9 additional inches of snow before turning into the dangerous stuff that keeps me holed up inside with my puppy. It’s a good night for cocoa. 🙂

so cuddle up with someone or something you love, and get ready to enjoy the ride.

until next time…


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