Horseback riding

One of the activities we can do even when it’s not a perfect beach day is horseback riding. And so we do. Kendra is happy to be out in nature
Nancy is showing off her skills that she honed in the winter months.
Seth is riding. Yee-ha!
David is excited about everything, but has calmed down enough to bond with the horse. Peaceful times.
Jason spends a sweet moment with his horse. He doesn’t ride, but his care for the animals knows no boundaries
Pete Stanzler is getting ready to show ’em what she’s got.
Sierra looks stunning atop her horse with jewelry and all.
Scottie’s ready for his close-up
Seth again, wondering what he is about to get himself into…

Horseback riding one of the more peaceful camp classes. Those of us who go take full advantage of the opportunity to reflect and become one with the graceful movements of the horses.


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