Hi! It’s Faith again. Remember me?

I am still alive. Sorry for not getting back here sooner. it’s been about 5 weeks now, hasn’t it? and for that, i do apologize. But with computer issues (i “upgraded” my service and have had glitches ever since), some health hiccups (nothing serious, just a bit of a run-around), PCA (personal care attendant) dramas (you don’t even WANT to know!), and the general pre-camp craziness… my life has been not so much my own.

I do apreciate those of you who “checked in” to make sure i was ok. that was sweet, and made me feel extra-loved.

So! News…

Last weekend a group of Jabberwockians and some other friends climbed Mt. Bromley in VT. I’m sure we’ll hear many fun stories about it at meal-times and such, so i won’t go into crazy detail. Let’s just leave it at – by all accounts it was an AMAZING experience, and – best yet, EVERYONE made it to the top.

This adventure will air on MTV sometime in the fall. I don’t know much about the details of that, but i know that our friends will be SURE to keep us “in the loop.”

Plans are already coming together for the annual “Tea and Sing” this summer. This year it is being held at Jabberwocky so that people can come and see where we are and what we do… I’m looking forward to the celebration. Don’t forget your garden party dresses and hats, ladies!

Our friend Rick Bausman (of State Beach drumming and Jabberwocky studio mornings fame) is marrying his love, Jen, this summer. It is happening sometime while we are at camp, but i’m not sure of the date or anything (can you picture Rick at a Bachelor Party – or Jen at a Bachelorette party – “Jabberwocky style?” keeheehee). I am really happy for him, and I’m sure we all wish the entire family our best.

Scott Scherer has been bitten by the travel bug already. The day after school got out, he and his entire family packed up and headed off to Disney in Florida. He (and they) had a wonderful time, and exceptional weather. I asked Scott if i could travel in his suitcase; I have family in Florida that i rarely get to see – but, Scott got really nervous about having to push me out of a window once we got over Jacksonville. haha.

Now that Scott is home, he is even MORE excited for his next adventure: being on Martha’s Vineyard with all of us! 🙂

Kendra is grauduating from the 8th grade this month. WAY TO GO, KENDRA! What a wonderful achievement. June is a busy month for her: a birthday, graduation, and Camp. I bet she can’t stop smiling: ear to ear!

Nancy Jesseau is settling into her new place nicely and can’t wait for camp to tell us all about some of the new friends she has made. We all know how social Miss Jesseau is; i’m sure she will have LOTS of interesting stories!

So see? Even though i haven’t written in a while, i HAVE been listening. Hope you have enjoyed these updates.

By the way, Have i mentioned it yet?

10 more days!

count ’em folks. All it takes is your two little hands… YEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAA!

love to all of you. i’ll see you soon, but i’ll dream about you sooner. 🙂


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