The morning’s activities included baseball, pottery, and chalking up the camp.

“And, it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out”. (And you thought they were chanting “We’re number 3”)

Ben attempts to terrorize Bekah with a paint gun. She’s not scared. And she’ll get revenge. Watch your back, Ben.

Jeremy enthusiastically participates in the morning classes.

Afterwards, the campus looked like a scene from a bad murder/mystery movie. (Body shapes all along the paths, some looking quite festive with grass skirts and other details added.)

Visitors are “always” welcome at Bandersnatch.

Becky and Kyle relax after a morning of exhausting activities.

This evening’s activity was yet another exciting, sweaty time in a local school’s gym.

And it’s good!

Michael and Andy practice teamwork.

Look out, here comes Kevin racing down the court.

Athena looks fierce; no one’s getting this ball.

If you think this looks chaotic and wild, you should see it in person.

Every team needs cheerleaders. We have Brie and Bobby.

Bill and Kyle get a little competitive.

And then the counselors take the court. Wait, how many people are on a team?

Are you sure there’s a basketball under there?

Here’s the whole crew for this week. And they are amazing.

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