Our morning activities were print making, croquet, and pottery. We are working on pieces for an art show next summer. And we’re having lots of fun.

Jeremy shows his enthusiasm for arts and crafts classes.

This will be a birdbath someday. Or so I hear.

Here we see Amanda in action. This has been a busy morning for her.

A group of campers went horseback riding. While waiting, they practiced their grooming skills. Their horse grooming skills, that is.

After lunch, we had a special treat. Dairy Queen!!!
Hurry, time’s a wasting! We got some ice cream to eat!

Skipper hits the jackpot. With a diet Pepsi to wash it down.

Michael looks pleased with his choice.

Good idea, Patty
Thanks to our Barneveld friends for their generous treat.

Chris scares Jack. Then he does it again. Then, well, you get the idea.

Gracie, Cy, and Peter smile after their treat.

Now, it’s time to go to the beach to wash off the ice cream.

See what happens when you fall asleep on the beach? Nathan seems content with his pillow and cool drink.

Paul and Hannah take a relaxing boat float. Hey, where are the counselors?

Craig and Darcy enjoy the water from a distance. Maybe they’ll swim tomorrow. Or did they say that yesterday?

Paul gets to be towel boy today. And that’s not half of them.

After dinner, the campers headed off to the movies. The blogger went for a walk. No photos were taken at the movies . They would be kind of boring to see, plus rude to the other moviegoers. No one wants to get kicked out of a theater.


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