Good-Bye! But not for long…

Well, it was a truly fantastic summer here at Jabberwocky in July. So many memories! The campers are all home safely now and we managed to get everyone off the ferry this time without any injuries. Already we are all missing eachother but through the magic of our winter follies program we can have a few get togethers before next summer. Please keep checking in with this blog for periodic updates on things going on. We’ll post a link to a photo sharing site very soon so that everyone can upload and download eachother’s pictures. No dirty pictures please! Unless they are good ones.

Here’s some pics from the last few days at camp. First off was our last day of horseback riding. Big thanks to Vickie Thurber and the crew over there who made it all so much fun.

On our final full day of camp the kind folks at The Art Cliff Diner invited us all over for a brunch on the house! We packed the place! Some counselors served as waiters and we all pigged out on french toast and blueberry pancakes. What a fine way to end the summer. Thanks Gina and Billy!

The last morning of camp is always a little sad, but we said our good-byes and promised to keep in touch. Here’s those crazy Momeraths boys at the last breakfast.

Here’s the counselors doing a dance for the folks on the on the upper deck of the ferry before it pulled away.

Afterwards the remaining counselors went went back to camp, did laundry, cleaned up, and then finally hit the beach where they fell asleep for hours and hours…

Elsie says, “Bye everyone! Next year I’ll be walkin’…”

Click here for a link to a story about this year’s play…

Thanks to everyone involved with July Camp ’07. We did it! It was wonderful to see so many great transformations take place over just the course of a few weeks. The counselors taught the campers, and the campers taught the counselors. As Sue Harrington would say, “That’s a two-way street!” See you next summer!


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