These days we’ve begun to think about the upcoming play (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, July 16 and 17, 7:30pm, come!) so our mornings are about rehearsal and singing. A small group went horseback riding too. We faced a kind of gray day in the afternoon so we declared it proper for traveling up island to our favorite little fishing village, Menemsha. The Mimsey gals stayed behind to go to a bead store, but the rest of us piled onto the big red bus and sang songs until we reached our destination. Once we got there we swarmed the town and scared away tourists. Then we got ice cream and watched the fishing boats come in.

Sharon J. checks out the scene:

A few brave souls went swimming, led by Beth A. who was determined to get in the water no matter what. Jo Jo wasn’t looking forward to the swim, claiming her Puerto Rican blood wasn’t compatible with the cold waters off Menemsha, so Beth let her off the hook.

The Momeraths crew is looking strong this year. They like to joke around at night and make funny noises until someone comes over to see what’s going on. It’s nice to have some rowdy hi-jinx back in that cabin. Here are some of the crew:

Speaking of rowdy hi-jinx, here is the scene in Mimsey as this blog is being written. All of the counselors in the cabin took a night out and are expected back shortly. When Lidia and Alice arrive home they will find Manny Futardo and Bruce Dodson lying in each of their respective beds. Manny plans to ask Lidia to the prom when she discovers him there. We’re not sure if that’s a great plan, but who knows, maybe it will work. Hopefully neither of Bruce or Manny will wet the bed, because perhaps then the joke will not be so funny. Imagine coming back from a late night to this!


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