Massage and Flying Horses

Yesterday morning it was grey and rainy so the first period morning class was “group massage”. This meant everyone went down to the studio and learned how to massage each other’s pain away from our exertions on July 4th. It was a heartwarming scene, counselors massaging campers and vice versa. We kneaded out those knots! Manny was overheard asking for a “happy ending” but this request was denied. Here’s some pictures.

Yesterday was also Faith Carter’s birthday, a sort of camp wide holiday which has been celebrated for many years by sending the Mimsey Gals out on the town for a fancy dinner.

Those of us who didn’t make the cut for that invite list had a little party of our own that evening though. We went to Oak Bluffs and rode the flying horses! They let us ride for free! Everyone there watched as we got two free rides in a row and someone asked, “why do they get to ride twice in a row?”

“Because they are Camp Jabberwocky,” said the attendant.

Jason was less perplexed this year by the horses since now he understood beforehand that they were not real. Last year he’d been expecting real horses and was quite disappointed at the wooden replicas.

Here’s Matt L. walking into the main cabin for dinner. We like to encourge everyone to get out of their wheelchairs for meals if possible. Matt is usually up for just about anything but even so we were all impressed by this.


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