Horseback Ridin’

At breakfast Madeline announced that the walk-in refrigerator was broken. We had a quick meeting and decided the only thing to do was eat everything in it, quickly! So that was going to be our morning activity, eating. But then a repair man showed up and fixed it so we went to classes instead. One group went horseback riding and Jeff took some pictures which are conveniently located below.

We had a free afternoon since it was supposed to rain , although it never did. Most folks went downtown and purchased useless trinkets from the local stores. A few people hung out at the coffee shop and heckled passersby. Dinner was early since we were going to see a 7pm movie in Oak Bluffs. We set a goal of getting everyone on the bus by 6pm and by golly we did it! It was amazing, really. And we didn’t even drop anyone. Also, no one puked on the ride over, like last year. Here we are sitting in our seats at the theater trying to be quiet.

The movie was “Evan Almighty” and we all agreed it was one of the worst movies we’ve seen in a quite a while. They should call it “Stupid Almighty”. Don’t go see it unless you want to take a good nap. But we had fun there anyway. David got up and danced for everyone at the end, and Shirley laughed loudly at inappropriate times. Here we are loading up the bus at night in downtown Oak Bluffs.

Back at camp Manny wanted a shave so Teak started doing that but then Manny said he wanted a girl to do it so Alice, from France, gave it a shot. Manny said she did a good job and didn’t cut him too badly.

Here we see Dick laughing at something which Lorie is doing.


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