Opening Day

What an exciting day this is for all of us here at Camp Jabberwocky ’07. The campers arrived on the 11:30am ferry after saying good-bye to their family and friends in Wood’s Hole. “Don’t worry,” we told their parents. “we won’t lose them!” Here’s the counselors waiting for the campers at the ferry dock in Vineyardhaven. They are dressed in costumes:

We all walked back through town and up to the camp. People in town cheered for us on the way. Most of out campers this year are returning campers, with four new folks for the first half. We’ve got a lot of returning counselors too.

Bruce Dodson, one of our longtime campers, showed up with a huge black eye! We wanted to put a disclaimer sign on him, “He arrived this way!” Apparently it looks worse than it is, though as you can see it looks pretty bad. Camp doctor Steve checked it out and declared him fit for camp. Some speculated that it was Manny Futardo who socked Bruce on the ferry ride over, but Manny denied this. We’ll take good care of you Bruce!

After lunch we unpacked our things and made a general mess of the cabins. Here’s the scene in Mimsey:

After a short rest we loaded the entire camp onto the bus and two vans. It took us 35 minutes, which wasn’t too bad compared to last year when it took an hour on that first day. We headed out to State Beach in Oak Bluffs for a cookout and then danced to the drumming from Rick and the gang. It was a beautiful sunset and a good time was had by all…

Manny tried to drive one of the vans on the way home but the police wouldn’t let him. Back at camp we took showers and tried to go to sleep in anticipation of what we sure hope will be a very fine summer. Please come on by and say hello if you’re anywhere near!


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