Prom Night!

At breakfast Jo Jo announced this evening was prom night and we all got excited and began lining up our dates and preparing to decorate the main cabin for a fancy feast and the Studio for some hot dancing. The theme was the 1980’s, which was kind of funny since a lot of the counselors here were just babies during the 80’s. But they got into it anyway…

That afternoon before the big event the ladies in Tulgeywood hung out in their cabin and caught up on the day’s hot gossip:

By five o’clock everyone had gotten their sharpest outfits on. Some of us even took showers. We had cocktails out on the porch:

Cathy D. feeds Jonah a romantic bite of casserole at the big dinner:..

…while Teak and Stephanie sit in awkward silence…

The Studio was transformed into a palace of love:

We elected our Prom King and Queen. Congratulations John C. and Nancy C!

Even Hellcat came down to boogie:

And boogie we did!

Finally it was time for bed. Everyone was exhausted and we’ll be sleeping well for sure…

Good night!


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