Super Saturday

It was a wonderful sunny day here on the island and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We had some morning classes and then the whole camp travelled to Oak bluffs for a picnic lunch on the green. While we were there munching on sandwiches we saw the fellows from The Vineyard sound come strolling across the lawn. They played some a cappella songs and we all cheered for them and then they left as mysteriously as they’d come. After lunch the camp split up with some hitting the beach and others hitting Oak Bluffs. The beach crew had a lot of fun and several of the counselors got sunburned since they’d been so busy covering their campers with sunblock they forgot about themselves.

The big highlight of this Saturday was studio night. We allgathered in the studio to watch eachother strut their talents. Nancy, Melissa Pepper, Dick and Bruce did a dance about love and broken hearts and David G. sang a song from the Lion King. Faith sang “Angel from Montgomery” and after she was done their wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We were weeping like babies, everyone of us. Then Sierra and Scotty sang an excellent duet and Jonah and Nancy read some poems. Our neighbor, Sean came by and played his violin and Julius sang a song in Danish. We’ll get some picture of all that up soonbut we’re very tired right now from the big day and besides the camera is missing somewhere. Hopefully it won’t end up in the laundry.

Here’s some pictures Jeff C. took of horseback riding earlier this week:

And here are some more pictures taken by Dr. Steve. He’s got so many good ones and we’ll be posting plenty more. Right now though it’s time for bed…


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