Beach Day

Today was a big sunny day, our first full day here at camp. We all woke up at 7:30 and the couselors tried to figure out how to put their campers clothes on. Somehow everyone made it to breakfast on time and we had french toast and suasage. After that we played some drums and then went to our first classes. Here’s some shots from sports and art classes:

After lunch we said, “let’s get to the beach!” and the whole camp went for a ride in the big red bus. It was perfect beach weather and nearly everyone got in the water. There was splashing and playing about and only one or two campers drowned. Just kidding, we’re all alive. Here’s some pictures from our beach trip:

A funny thing happened with the bell. It broke. Madeline was really worried about this and called every place on the island that might have a big bell. A local boatyard wanted to help out so badly that they spent the afternoon welding a propeller rod into a giant triangle. So now we have this quite loud “come and get it!” bell to ring when we want to gather together. Here’s a picture of our man Teak giving it a ring:

It’s shaping up to be a big summer for toilet triumphs. We all get pretty excited when a camper manages to master the art of toileting. Tyrone offered Jonah a special incentive today and Jonah proudly produced the goods winning a trip to town for ice cream. That sounded like such a great idea that after dinner we all walked the Mad Martha’s and ate ice cream together, in honor of Jonah’s sucessfull trip to the toilet. Then we went to bed.

We’re all tired and happy here. Tomorrow we’ll hit the beach again, weather permitting. And everyone’s pretty excited to see “Nacho Libre” so we’ll try to go see that at night.


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